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Snake’s high-wire act keeps farmer rapt

The production cost may have been considerably lower, but Bangor Vineyard Shed owner Matt Dunbabin’s footage of a tiger snake slithering awkwardly along a thin fence wire is attracting plenty of attention.

Mr Dunbabin spotted it while working on his Dunalley farm yesterday, posted the footage to Facebook last night and it has already attracted more than 13,000 shares.

He said snakes were not uncommon on the farm in southern Tasmania, but he had never seen one climb anything before.

“Certainly not along a strand of wire on the fence, it seemed really bizarre,” Mr Dunbabin said.

“They’re a part of the landscape that is great to see, and it’s fascinating to see behaviour that you just don’t normally see, it’s quite amazing.”

And the snake didn’t stop once the camera was switched off.

“It just kept going along the fence,” he said.

“I thought ‘Oh well, it’s up to you buddy’, so I just left.

“I had done a video, so I just let it get on with its day. It seemed happy enough, it could climb down whenever it wanted.”

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