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New DOJ task force is sure to solve American cybersecurity problems

Getting tough on cybersecurity – something these guys totally understand.Image: Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images By Rachel Kraus2018-02-21 17:55:53 UTC Nothing says cutting-edge digital badassery like a government cybersecurity task force, amirite? On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the creation of a new, special cybersecurity task force aimed at combatting global …

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The Four Irreconcilable Foreign Policies Of Donald Trump

Under Donald Trump, trying to predict, dissect and understand the U.S.’s attitude to the world has become almost impossible–not that plenty of observers aren’t giving it a go. Tellingly, they’re all coming to different conclusions. Some see a spiral into outright chaos, citing the strain on crucial alliances, Trump’s strange embrace of …

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Snap has a new message for all the Snapchat redesign haters

Snap has responded to the online petition demanding the redesign be reversed.Image: mashable composite By Karissa Bell2018-02-21 18:39:35 UTC Snap has finally responded to the more than 1 million unhappy users who signed an online petition demanding the company reverse its hated redesign. Unfortunately for all of them, though, Snap’s …

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